What gets done.

Magnadigi engineers software solutions to organize, streamline and market businesses.

During our 19 cumulative years of management experience, the primary focus has always been increasing revenues while keeping downward pressure on expenses. This has been accomplished in part by leveraging technology.

Any repetitive task can be translated into a computer system product that can be leveraged to provide quick and consistent results. Efficient systems shoulder increased throughput which translates to increased revenue and reduced expense. This is the essence of what we do. We are here to grow your margins.

Case in point. The Bramble Company II, a US wholesaler of Bramble Furniture in the US, needed to find ways to increase their sales. After some discussion we uncovered an innovative idea. That idea was to make the inventory en route from their factory available to their customers. By increasing the number of inventory turns they received, we successfully increased their margin by a significant percentage. Also consider the fact that they have been enjoying that increase for just shy of 20 years now. Their customers, mostly made up of small furniture stores and designers, were thrilled! As you can imagine, so were they.

Their solution incorporated a web development project, a stock reservation system integration with QuickBooks Enterprise, and a suite of custom utilities to aid the warehouse staff in processing the incoming orders. With a little creativity and our know how almost anything is possible.

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